Welcome to think-income.com.

This site is hosted by Gordon Wiebe, Analyst & Annuity Underwriter.

The web site is designed for Professionals, Independent Business Owners, Executives and Retirees. It should help you if you need advice on:

  1. Securing Guaranteed Retirement Income
  2. Managing Investments & Reducing Income Tax
  3. Building & Creating Intergenerational Wealth
  4. Safeguarding Assets from Creditors
  5. Transferring a Portion of Your Wealth to Loved Ones
  6. Leaving a Meaningful, Lasting Legacy to a Charity, Faith based Community or Cause
  7. Confidentially Commuting Funds to a 3rd Party Outside of a Will

Principles & Process

  1. Rule #1 – Plan Then, Deploy Capital – Be business like – establish goals & objectives.
  2. Rule #2Preserve Capital – Invest in quality, long-term businesses with competitive advantages or well located & well managed properties partnerships. Avoid Speculation.
  3. Rule #3Protect Capital from taxes, commissions & fees, etc.
  4. Rule #4Propagate Capital – Leverage time & compounding. “Slow & Steady Wins the Race.”