Preserving, Protecting & Propagating
Your Capital & Your Family’s Future

Gordon Wiebe is uniquely qualified to help clients reach their financial goals & objectives by providing guaranteed income strategies & risk-reduced investment strategies. These strategies benefit:

  • Seniors & Retirees
  • Business Owners
  • Business Managers
  • Professionals
  • Recipients of Court Awarded Settlements
  • Parties to a Separation Agreement

As an independent advisor, he has access to a network of top legal, accounting, banking, property & investment management professionals as well as resources from top Canadian Financial Institutions. He is also able to facilitate direct ownership in some publicly listed companies. Thus, he is able to offer considerable independence, objectivity, depth & expertise when working with clients & partners to realize their financial goals & objectives.

Target Audience

As an independent advisor, his preference is to work with people who value:

  • Family
  • Community
  • A Balanced Approach to Life
  • Knowledge, Reason & Rational Discourse
  • Their Health, Prosperity & the Pursuit of Wisdom

​The Process

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the smallest step.

Lao-tzu – Chinese Philosopher (604 – 531 BC)
  1. An Initial Meeting (30-60 minutes) will include a simple discussion around the needs & expectations of prospective clients/partners (all conversations are held in confidence). IF, both parties are in agreement, a custom hard copy questionnaire – unique to the prospect’s station & lifestyle will be shared.
  2. Once the questionnaire is completed & received, a Follow up “phone interview” will be scheduled (i.e. for clarification and so any forgotten items might be incorporated into a plan).
  3. The Advisor will analyze the information based on prospect’s individual values, goals & objectives and begin formulating a written plan that covers
    • Mortgage Management, Budget & Savings
    • Risk Management
    • Investment Management & Philosophy
    • Taxation
    • The Impact of Potential Fees & Expenses upon implementation
    • Retirement & Financial Independence
    • Estate & Legacy Planning
  4. A Written Plan with recommendations and an Investment Policy Proposal will be forwarded to the prospect and a face to face meeting scheduled to discuss questions, concerns & comments.
  5. With everyone in agreement, a contract will be signed that outlines i) the range of services provided by the Advisor ii) the method of compensation iii) and the client’s responsibility in the planning process
  6. The advisor will implement the plan.
  7. The Plan will be monitored (quarterly) and an annual review to gauge progress and incorporate client’s changing factors.