Gordon Wiebe has over 26 years of financial industry experience. He has worked as:

  • An Investment Wholesaler
  • A Marketing Director
  • A College Instructor
  • A Branch Mgr.
  • Compliance Officer
  • A Securities Advisor

He’s long been an admirer of Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger and a fan of their views on investing, management & life. His admiration for Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway led him to a position with AIC Group of Funds – a Canadian management firm who’s style mimicked Buffett’s “buy & hold great companies” philosophy.

“That was a marvelous learning & networking experience,” says Wiebe who got to work with some of the nation’s top investment & tax planning minds, including: Michael Lee-Chin, Jonathan Wellum, Larry Sarbit, Tim Cestnick, Randy LeClair and some of the top investment advisors across B.C.

When AIC closed the Kelowna AIC office, Wiebe stayed in the Okanagan and accepted a position with Manulife Investments & Manulife Securities. He served as the Marketing Director for B.C. and learned the value & advantages of using Annuities – expertise that was enhanced when sitting on focus groups with Professor Moshe Milevsky – a York University Professor who has specialized in Annuities and the Mathematics of Retirement Income Strategies.

Warren Buffett returns a signed greenback. Taken at the Omaha Golden Spikes baseball game during the 2001 Berkshire AGM.

Wiebe’s financial experience has included successfully advising clients through the Bre-X scandal, the high-tech bust of 2000s, as well as the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008.

“For the past 40 years, stock markets, bond markets and real estate markets have all benefitted from declining interest rates. Investors have had the wind in their sails. However, with pandemic supply chain disruptions, inflationary pressures and millions of baby boomers re-positioning their retirement savings, risks are far more formidable and the stakes that much higher'” says Wiebe. “It’s why business owners, professionals, retired and retiring investors ought to incorporate risk management strategies into their financial plans.”

Wiebe never stops learning. He’s attended numerous professional seminars, conferences and on-line courses. In 2017, he completed the Global Financial Crisis course taught by Professor Andrew Metrick and former Federal Reserve Chair Timothy Geithner offered through Yale University. He’s completed several law courses through Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania and University of London law schools. He’s also completed the Canadian Investment Management (CIM) & Financial Management Advisor (FMA) Programs through the Canadian Securities Institute. He’s a graduate of CMBC/CMU, University of Saskatchewan and Simon Fraser University.

He edits and publishes the Capital Partner, a newsletter that examines perspectives on business, investment and financial planning. He also publishes a blog on this website and has a You-Tube channel.

He’s been a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder for 25 years.

Standing outside of Berkshire Hathaway World Headquarters in Omaha, NB.

Wiebe is “life licensed” in the province of B.C., Alberta & Saskatchewan. He is contracted independently through Wealthlink Financial and independent MGA.