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Tomorrow, Markel Corp. will be hosting their 2022 Annual General Meeting at:

The Richmond Raceway Complex
900 E Laburnum Ave (Gate 4)
Richmond, VA 23222, USA

As with the Berkshire Hathaway AGM, Markel management places a premium on relationships and personal attendance. I haven’t found anything that suggests the meeting and/or panel discussions will be webcast. I will post links if I do.

I’ve been a Markel shareholder and a Tom Gayner for years, but have yet to make the trek to Richmond, VA. My planned trip in Spring 2020 was cancelled due to COVID.

In the meantime, readers might benefit from reading Tom’s 2022 Letter to Shareholders.

Wishing all hosts and attendees a festive and productive meeting and safe travels from to and from your places of origin. Hope to join you next year!

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Further Reference…

The Evolution of a Value InvestorTalks at Google – June 22, 2015. Tom Gayner is the CIO of Markel Corp, where he manages the company’s investment portfolio. He talks about his journey as an individual and value investor. A recent Wall Street Journal feature on Mr Gayner’s investing style mentions: ‘He has an outstanding investing record. He works only for Markel and doesn’t take outside clients, but every investor can learn from him.’ You never woul’ know any of this [extraordinary success] from listening to Mr. Gayner. After a good year, most portfolio managers beat their chests even harder than they beat the market; Mr. Gayner’s 2014 report merely said, “our overall equity portfolio earned 18.6%,” without even mentioning that the S&P 500 was up 13.7%. Instead of trying to mimic the inimitable brilliance of Mr. Buffett, maybe more investors should emulate the common sense and patience of Mr. Gayner.

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