“I Think I Rio-Can”

“I Think I Rio-Can…”

Happy to present an updated due diligence video on Rio-Can Real Estate Investment Trust. Rio-Can is one of Canada’s largest commercial landlords. Units of the trust can currently be purchased at a discount to NAV (net asset value). Rio-Can REIT closed today at $22.83 /unit on the Toronto Exchange (REI.UN). That ‘s about a 12% discount to book value of $25.90 as reported at the end of Q3-22.

Their future looks bright and there best days are still yet to come. It’s a good deal.

Real estate investors can go at it alone developing projects – completing zoning applications, appeasing bankers, paying for legal work, etc. Or, they can purchase units, become unitholders of Rio-Can, own a pro-rata share in some of the best placed properties in the country and ride on the coat tails of some of the country’s top real estate minds.

Rio-Can is a latter day Little Engine that Could.

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